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On the Road With Whiskey & Wine ... week 4

Happy Hump Day y’all! This has been a whirlwind of a week! I feel like it has gone by SO FAST! Whiskey & Wine had a pretty awesome weekend in TX. I flew to San Antonio from Nashville where I met up with Whiskey (Sean) and Miss Dolly Pawton. We had a full weekend of shows, and a full weekend of fun down in San Antonio & Austin. Dolly loves going on adventures, car rides, and hanging out during the show. I thought she did pretty well this weekend while we entertained all the fine folks that came out to see us.

We played at Hotel Contessa in San Antonio. Let me tell y’all, if you’re looking for a gorgeous place to stay with an amazing staff, Hotel Contessa is the place for you. Everyone was so pleasant and hospitable, and the outdoor courtyard where we played, was right there on the riverwalk. I love doing outdoor gigs, and the scenery this weekend was just perfect. It is also walking distance to a fabulous BBQ joint I was introduced to a few years back at the Houston Rodeo BBQ championship. The line was out the door, but it was so worth it. The original location (I believe) is in Houston, and I was so happy to hear that they recently expanded to San Antonio, and even HAPPIER when I found out it was only a few blocks away from where we were playing. I walked over there and had a delightful lunch on the lawn at Pinkerton's BBQ. I got several slices of the brisket (because that is Sean’s fave) and a pulled pork sandwich for me. I had a couple bites of the brisket though, because it is the juiciest, most amazing brisket I have ever had. It is so good. I am not even a brisket person. Oh it is so good. We were fortunate enough to be able to hang out with a few of Sean’s friends in the area as well while we were down south. The next few nights of shows were in Austin. We had a great time at the Aloft NW in Austin and the cool little spot in Austin called the white Tiger. Dolly stole the show (as usual). It was an outdoor venue, so she had a fabulous afternoon, napping on the stage in the sun. Her favorite thing to do.. Laying in the sun on a gorgeous afternoon. After the show, we popped in to see more friends, and then had a delightful dinner made by one of Sean’s besties. It was also amazing, but then can you beat homemade chicken fried steak, with loaded baked potato soup? I loved it so much I even had a second piece, and I NEVER eat all of my food. I just always get full so fast! It was really good! Some other stops along the way were HopDoddy (which normally is REALLY good, but this particular visit we had an unfortunate experience) and of course VooDoo Donut. Austin is kinda like going to Nashville, you have to hit all the stops, and all of the fabulous local eateries while you are in the area. We had a great weekend, saw some awesome people, and ate lots of delicious food. Now it's back to Oklahoma we go, to get back to the grind.

This week has been fairly busy. It has gone by so fast. I am working on booking holiday parties, as well as researching new venues. We are always on the hunt for new fun fabulous places to play. If you know of anyone having a corporate holiday party, tell them to give me a call. I LOVE doing holiday parties. Do you remember that movie Prancer, and how she listens to Christmas tunes all year long? That’s totally me! I could listen to Christmas tunes 365 days a year. ( I don’t though) but I never seem to get tired of them. Singing at a Christmas party has always been so fun for me, and I’d love to come play at your company party, backyard party, dinner party, yacht party.. I don’t even care. I love to play and I love to travel! Have microphone, will travel. Haha! We are very fortunate to get to do what we love doing. I’ve always loved that saying, “love what you do and you will never work a day in your life”. I am fortunate enough that I am able to make that happen! I am so thankful that my mama gave me the gift of music, and it makes me so happy that I am able to use that gift to travel the world and meet so many fabulous new people! Well, that is it today for On the Road With Whiskey & Wine, have an amazing week!

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