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Lost Minds, Cheatin' Hearts, & Angry Wives.. 

The Music of Patsy and Loretta


Direct from Nashville and her Heartland tour of her new show is Erin Michelle! Erin is a versatile headliner that’s been touring this past year with her proven successful recipe of feel-good American music. She has a huge repertoire and has worked on cruise ships, corporate shows, hotels and subscription houses. Erin Michelle is that girl next door who sings all your favorite songs just the way you like it. Check out her latest mass-market, country headline act, “Lost Minds, Cheatin Hearts and Angry Wives… The Music Of Loretta Lynn and Patsy Cline.”

This show features over twenty  #1 classics from two legendary women of country music and can be customized to fit your needs. We offer something for every venue; a simple acoustic performance, a standard 4-5 piece live band setup, and have fully orchestrated charts for elegant performance halls and subscription houses. In addition to the standard version of the show which is approximately 90 minutes, we also offer 15-20 minute teasers, 45-50 minute cruise ship headliner shows and 60 minute versions that work well for corporate and smaller venues. 

The show features the beloved music from these two superstars in a way that lets the audience get a closer look into their daily lives. The collection of songs is divided into different aspects of the women's lives by showing how both handle jealousy, anger, revenge, love and nostalgia for the small town American way of living. Both had their own way of presenting themselves to the world and yet both were highly effective communicators. It's a feel good show that moves along seamlessly with a nice mix of heart felt ballads and uptempo chart toppers. By the end of the show, the audience leaves humming the tunes and remembering why they have loved these two country sweethearts for decades.  

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