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Whiskey & Wine

Whiskey and Wine is an acoustic duo specializing in country music. Comprised of singer/songwriter and instrumentalist Sean Evan as well as singer/songwriter Erin Michelle, the pair met rather serendipitously in 2016 while working on cruise ships. While both share extensive musical backgrounds, they are starkly contrasted.


Erin’s education was cultivated from a very young age. She was playing violin and piano by the age of 5 with both a music teacher for a mother and fellow singer/songwriter for a brother. She continued to develop throughout her formidable teenage years as well as high school and college, singing at festivals, wedding, parties, charity events etc… In college she majored in musical theatre and found herself performing in musical theatre productions, county and state fairs all over the country. Following college, Erin relocated to Nashville Tennessee and forged ahead, booking herself in countless capacities, both regionally and nationally. 


Sean’s scholarship was more of a homegrown tutelage as he stumbled in music performance somewhat later in life. He taught himself  to play guitar as a high school sophomore after being inspired by a few of his peers and continued to hone his playing skill through the rest of high school. While attending college, he sought vocal instruction and started attending local open mics which naturally led to an interest in songwriting. Over the next several years, while perfecting his craft, he would gradually perform more and more, in many different capacities, at venues all over his home state of FL. Eventually, like Erin, he found himself moving to a different city, Austin TX,  with the intention of further developing himself as an artist and performer. 


In summer 2016, the two artists’ paths converged by chance when Erin was summoned to for an emergency fill in with Sean. Their chemistry was both immediate and palpable. With a focus on vocal harmony and stripped down acoustic arrangement it was a natural fit. They portray a friendly, welcoming banter onstage. Performing on cruises has taken them to a multitude of different countries and continents around the globe including Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Alaska, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Aruba just to name a few.

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