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On The Road With Whiskey & Wine .. Week 3

Happy Fall Y’all! Today I am sitting in beautiful Nashville, TN! As much as I hate the weather getting colder, I do love the gorgeous scenery, and all of the changing colors of the leaves in Nashville this time of year. If you have never been to Nashvillle in the fall, put it on your list of things to do. It is a must do! I even remember one year, a good friend of mine invited me on a river cruise to see all of the amazing fall colors. It was so much fun to get all bundled up and cruise down the river and hang out with an awesome group of people!

This has been a crazy week! I flew into Nashville to see one of my closest friends, but plans changed, so I have just been relaxing, and hanging out with family. There’s nothing better than amazing family and friends! I am thankful to have all of them in my life.

There is never a dull moment in Nashville. There are so many amazing places to eat, world class musicians on every corner in every bar, and best of all, a lot of my favorite people still live here for me to come visit. Oh, and you can’t forget my amazingly talented hair lady! I love her to pieces. I don’t trust people with my hair (which is why I’ve only had like 5 people ever do it) . I have NEVER walked out of her salon and cringed because I hate my hair, it has always looked amazing! I trust her 100% and would recommend her to ANYONE! If you are looking for a fab hair lady, give Karen a call at the Non Salon in Nashville! You won’t regret it.

Some of my favorite things to do in Nashville (besides see all of my people) are…

  • Going downtown to hear all of the amazing musicians playing at all of the bars on Broadway.

  • Eating at some amazing places such as Urban Grub, 5 daughters to get a cronut, Pancake Pantry, The Pharmacy, Bakersfield Tacos, Jack’s BBQ, Hermitage Cafe (for a chicken biscuit)

  • Arrington Vineyard- This is such a fun place to grab a picnic and your favorite friends, and just enjoy an afternoon on the lawn or their beautiful patio. They have delightful wine with gorgeous scenery overlooking the rolling hills of TN.

  • Floating the river. I love gathering up all of my friends and enjoying a fun day on the river

  • You can’t come to Nashville and not go to the Grand Ole Opry, especially if you have never been. The amount of history in one building is just overwhelming. The legends that have performed there are just endless, and the caliber of musicians are world famous.

  • Grab a Jersey Mike’s sub and take a stroll in Centennial Park. Here you will find an exact replica of the Parthenon. It is pretty cool.

These are just a FEW of the things that I love to do when I am in town. There is something for EVERY one in this town. Pro sports teams, world renowned music and shows, world famous chefs, parks, outdoor activities, the list goes on. I just love it here! It has grown and changed SO much since I moved here after college.

Tomorrow I head out to meet Sean ( the Whiskey) for a weekend of shows in Texas. Austin is his town, with all of his favorite people and places to visit. It has been a big week, and I am looking forward to meeting up with him (and Miss Dolly) for a weekend full of shows, fun, and live music!

Thanks to everyone who has read our new blog, shared it, and commented. It means a lot, and I love hearing from everyone. Don’t forget you can always visit for up to date shows/dates, as well as links to all of the socials. That’s it for today with On the Road With Whiskey & Wine! Have an amazing week.

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