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On the Road with Whiskey & Wine..Week 2

Happy Hump day y’all! Did you get your fill of tacos on Taco Tuesday? I try to celebrate taco tuesday every week, it doesn’t always happen, but I sure do try! Our favorite place to eat tacos is at Torchy’s Tacos. If you haven’t been there yet, you need to find one and go! Every taco I have tried is DE-licious!

This week I am busy with the usual stuff, trying to keep the house clean, working on booking shows, entertaining Miss Dolly, as well as doctor's appts in regards to my dog bite. Don’t freak out, Dolly did not bite me, she is the sweetest thing and would never do that. Long story short, I was doing some solar appts on the side to supplement the music a bit. I went to the owner's house, he did not have control of his dog, and the dog charged towards me and bit me three times. Once on the bottom of my leg in between my calf and my ankle, and twice on my rump. Let me tell you, it has not been a fun 6 months. I have a hematoma the size of my fist on my bootie, and sitting, walking, laying, working out.. All the things have been quite painful. I am waiting on a second opinion for surgery to get it removed, until then, I lay on the couch with a pillow propped under my leg so not to put any pressure on that area. I can’t wait to get it fixed so I can move on with my life! I am ready to get back into the gym!

I am excited though, we have all but one weekend booked in October, every weekend booked in November, and we are already working on December. At the end of the month I will be headed to Nashville to check in, get my hair done, and do it up Nashville style with my bestest Nashville friend. I will be working on getting some writing appts set up as well as getting some shows lined up in the area. AS SOON as that week is over I am headed south to meet Whiskey in San Antonio for our gigs in the San An/Austin area. It is a busy month for Whiskey & Wine, but I wouldn’t trade a minute of it. I love our life, I love our travels, and I love doing music and meeting so many awesome people along the way!

I am also still trying to put together my plan for traveling the country in our airstream. I’d love to map out a route that takes us through the whole country, making stops along the way for some live music. There are a few states I have not been to yet, and I’d love to get all of them crossed off of my list. I just think it would be so much fun to load up the trailer, the dog, our gear and hit the road for a year of adventures!

If you have a super cool place you think we should look into for shows, let me know! I am always searching and looking for new venues to play at. I am also looking for small historic theaters to take my show “Lost Minds, Cheatin Hearts, & Angry Wives.. The music of Patsy & Loretta” That’s it for today for On the Road With Whiskey & Wine! Have a great day!

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