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On the Road With Whiskey & Wine...

Hey Y’all! I have epically dropped the ball on the Whiskey & Wine Blog! I do apologize, and thanks so much for continuing to read about all of our crazy adventures!

I will get you caught up with what has been happening. (Wow I just read the last post, and it has been a WHILE! Oops!) After Austin, we played several shows in the Oklahoma area, JJs Alley, Enid Brewing Company, and Wells Christmas Tree Farm.. to name a few. We always have a great time at these venues and urge you to check them out! Wells Christmas Tree Farm is one of my faves for the Christmas Season. You can go out there to pick your own tree, drink some hot chocolate, all while listening to your favorite Christmas tunes by yours truly. In November, Wine was on her own as Whiskey ventured back out to the high seas on Carnival Cruise Line for a short stint as sea. While he was away I was able to play at an awesome spot down in the OKC stockyards, the Rodeo Opry. It is much like the Grand Ole Opry, but on a smaller scale, and in Oklahoma! It was a lot of fun, and I always enjoy playing with such seasoned players! Another spot you should totally check out is Clark Crew BBQ! They have been awarded in so many categories for their delicious meats, and they have such an awesome outdoor patio! It is a must do in this gorgeous weather! I love playing outside, and getting a chance to eat amazing food. (I highly recommend the Mac & Cheese! OMG IT’S SO GOOD!) Ok, back to music.. Another awesome place to play is this super cool spot in North OKC, it’s called Solo Park & Pub. It is a restaurant/bar, but also a dog park! How cool is that? They have fun craft cocktails, a full menu of food and drinks, AND YOU CAN BRING YOUR FURRY FRIEND!!! Dolly LOVES it when we play there because she knows she gets to go see all of her friends. In January, I was honored to be asked to sing our National Anthem for the OKC thunder. It was my first NBA game and I had so much fun. I didn’t think I would be a fan of sitting through a basketball game, but I would definitely be game for going again. In February, I made my way back to Nashville ( I just can’t stay away) I LOVE going there. I usually get my hair done, visit my awesome friends and family, as well as check out the epic music scene. I was even able to squeeze in a couple of shows while I was there. After Nashville, I continued to head east to pick up my beloved Whiskey. His contract was now over, and it was time to come home. Since his home port was in FL, we like to hang out for several days to visit with friends and family in the area. We were also able to squeeze in a show in Tampa as well. That is the coolest part about our job! We can travel the world whilst doing music, and seeing and meeting all kinds of super cool people. Dolly also loves traveling. She had the BEST time at Grandma’s house. Her yard is HUGE, and she spent most of the day exploring, chasing the tiny little lizard things, and sunbathing. That girl loves to soak up the sun (Kinda like her mama). After spending about 3 weeks on the road, it was time to head back to Oklahoma. Even though it is close to a 20 hour drive from Florida to Oklahoma, we love being able to load up the Honda Pilot ( I love that car) and just go, and most importantly, take Miss Dolly Pawton.

Thank you so much for continuing to support us, as well as live music and your local musicians! Many musicians faced a devastating hardship when all of the venues shut down and the music stopped. They are still trying their best to make up for the lost gigs, so anything you can do to support your local musician is much appreciated. (Tipping the band, requesting songs, showing up to live shows, sharing info about the band, buying merch, telling your friends, hiring your favorite band to play at your backyard party, all of it. The gestures do not go unnoticed)

We would love to hear from you to know where you want to see Whiskey & Wine, or if you have a favorite foodie place you think we should try. We love a good recommendation. And as always feel free to check out the website, share this blog with your friends, and don't forget to like us on Facebook and Instagram! Thanks so much for reading, and that is it for today for “On the Road With Whiskey & Wine”. Have an amazing week!!

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